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Monthly Website Maintenance


Squarespace and Shopify were designed with the do-it-yourself user in mind, but as a small business your time is valuable. Your top priority is building and growing business – not maintaining your website. We take the tedious process of updating your website and make it seamless and affordable for you.

We offer Fast, affordable WEBSITE maintenance using Our minute-by-minute time tracking software.

The best performing websites are regularly updated with fresh content and current software. Frequent updates help keep your website fast, secure, and Google-friendly. Content that changes more often is scored differently by search engines than content that only changes every few months/years.

Let us take the hassle out of updating & maintaining your website by doing it for you

Whether you need a little help maintaining your website or just want us to take care of it for you, we have Monthly Plans that suites your every need. There are no contracts to sign, and you may change plans or discontinue at any time. We track the time spent updating and maintaining your website down to the minute. Simply ping us and your request will be processed in 1-2 business days. It’s that simple!


Blocks of Time

Our blocks of time are affordably priced for small businesses. We keep detailed track of our time, down tot the minute. If a task only requires seven minutes, then only seven minutes is deducted from your timesheet. No minimums, no over-charging.

Turn-Around Time

Average turn-around time for updates and change requests typically takes 1-2 business days, typically less. We are on-call to make any edits whenever you need us. Since you’re only paying for the time exact time it takes to complete a task, you’re saving time and money.

Monthly Retainers

If you need larger design modifications, +10 hours per month, want to change templates, or restyle your entire site. If you’ve recently rebranded and need a complete website overhaul – we offer traditional Monthly Retainers at our standard hourly rate; billed at the end-of-the-month.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Updating my website is a such a time-suck. I usually end up doing more harm than good! In the time it takes me to make one simple change, TheMuddShop can tackle my entire task list. The process is so speedy and efficient. As an independent contractor with a tight budget, 20 mins per month goes a long way! Worth every penny!!!
— Sara P. • Image Consultant
It’s only been three months and my Google Ranking has already improved. The increase in engagement on the site ... has lead to new client inquiries and sales. My team uses the detailed monthly performance report, with recommendations for improvement, as a blueprint for future objectives. Best monthly investment I have made.
— Alex G. • Entrepreneur
I no longer have to login and post consistent content updates on my site. I send TheMuddShop all the materials, copy, publish dates and they make it happen. And they make it look good! It’s one less thing on my to-do list (yay!), so I can concentrate on creating and collaborating.
— Maddie D. • Illustrator



* website maintenance time does not rollover to the next month; additional time outside your plan is billed at our standard hourly rate


What’s Included

  • Technical support

  • Back-end management

  • Review/optimize website load-speed

  • Performance maintenance

  • Scan and fix broken links

  • Updates to improve website security

  • Optimize layout, navigation and user-experience

  • Update client-provided content

  • Maintain e-commerce inventory

  • Blog entries (client-provided copy/images)

  • Email Marketing

  • Create & design new pages

    • basic, password protected, orlanding

  • Setup & test contact/signup forms

  • Add testimonials from happy customers

  • Add additional widgets

    • third-party integrations

  • Image & video optimization

  • Add & optimize social media links

  • SEO keyword updates & ma

  • Analytics monitoring & reports

  • General 'housekeeping'



➤ NO Contracts, month-to-month billing, change or discontinue your plan at any time

➤ You are only charged for the actual time spent on maintenance work

➤ Discounts available for non-profit organizations

➤ FREE month when you pay 1-year upfront


How It Works


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Turn-Around Time 1-2 Business Days


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