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* Running a high-volume store? We also offer Shopify design and support


is an independent design studio specializing in Squarespace setup, design & development. Founded in 2011 by Renée Mudd, we empower entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, startups, restaurants, and non-profits to take ownership of their online presence using the power and convenience of Squarespace – an amazing tool for independent  business owners looking to build a beautifully designed website quickly and efficiently. Squarespace is the perfect platform for those who value modern & clean design, and would like a website that won’t cause them technical nightmares.

Whether you've been putting off creating a website for ages, have a half-finished website, or are looking for a fresh redesign on a modern platform, TheMuddShop is here to help. We manage all Squarespace setup, formatting, layout design, coding and customization – you provide the content.

We are template set-up experts, we code and customize the look and feel of your website, lay out content so your site looks stunning and functions intuitively on all devices. We specialize in smart, strategic Squarespace design.

You're starting a new business and you need a website. Maybe you've tried to hire someone or maybe you've even tried your hand at building it yourself. Turns out, it's not quite so easy, especially when you're building your business at the same time. We take the typically overwhelming and exasperating process of building a website and make it painless and enjoyable for you.

We believe that there are endless opportunities to create unique experiences, build brands, and design products that build meaningful relationships between companies and their customers.  We’ve spent years building Squarespace Websites, so we understand the amount of preparation, organization, and choices that need to be made. We streamlined the process and take care of the heavy lifting and customizations for you – prompting our clients to provide information where needed and working collaboratively to execute a fully customized, one-of-a-kind website you can be proud of and even manage yourself. We also offer website maintenance packages for on-going assistance.

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