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Website Maintenance


Our blocks of time are affordably priced for small businesses. We keep detailed track of our time, down to the minute. If a task only requires seven minutes, then only seven minutes is deducted from your timesheet. No minimums, no over-charging.


The best performing websites are regularly updated with fresh content and current software. Frequent updates keep your website fast, secure, & Google-friendly. Content that changes more often is scored differently by search engines than content that’s modified less frequently.


Average turn-around time for updates and change requests typically takes 1-2 business days, typically less. We are on-call to make any edits whenever you need us. Since you’re only paying for the exact time it takes to complete a task, you’re saving time and money.


If you need larger design modifications, +10 hours per month, want to change your current template, restyle your entire site or if you’ve recently rebranded and need a complete website overhaul – we offer traditional Web Design Packages. Learn More >


How To Submit Requests

  1. Create a bulleted list for each Task / Change Request

  2. ALL website change requests must be submitted via Slack

    • when uploading large files, images, graphics etc., please upload to our Shared Dropbox Folder

  3. We will confirm your request and complete within 1-2 business days.

  4. Review the changes and submit a bulleted list with feedback.

  5. We send an updated timesheet (down to the minute) after each request.



➤ Maintenance time does not rollover to the next month; additional time outside your plan is billed at our standard hourly rate ($100/hr).

➤ Billing cycle is 30 calendar days.

➤ Payment due on first day of your billing cycle

➤ No contracts, month-to-month billing, change or discontinue your plan at any time.

➤ To cancel, simply inform us two days prior to your next billing date.

➤ One FREE month when you pay 1-year upfront


Website Design & Redesign


We receive the majority of our inquiries via word of mouth or through the intake form on our website. There we ask some helpful questions about your business, your current website, your target audience, project goals, summary, deadline, and budget.

➤ Install

At this stage we’ll advise you on which template we feel is the most suitable based on your requirements. We install your chosen template and begin setting up, formatting and organizing all pages, URLs and content.

➤ Design + Build

Once we have all your content (and depending on the Design Package you’ve selected) we’ll start designing and customizing your website. We’ll communicate with you about specifics if we have any questions. If you choose a simple 5 page website then we’ll probably send you the first draft within 7 days. We send you the URL where you login to see the site so far. For more complex sites with specific functionality it may be 10-14 days before we can send you visuals or your first-look link. Once you’ve seen our ideas, you can give us your feedback. Hopefully, you’ll be delighted with the way the site is coming together and we can carry on and get it finished for you. If there is anything that you'd like amended or refined this is the time to tell us.

➤ Final Approval + Launch

Once we’ve completed the design and build, there are various procedures which we’ll check before launching your site:

  • Checking Headings, Page Titles and Descriptions, and Alt Tags (image names) on your content for the search engines to make sure you’re optimised as far as possible.

  • Connecting your social media accounts to your website

  • Checking a 404 Error / Page Not Found Custom Page

  • Checking your enquiry or booking forms are working correctly

  • Checking your Footer text

  • Conducting cross-browser checks to make sure your new website displays correctly across all browsers and devices

  • Proofread your content one more time

  • Checking all links – do they work? Do all links to external sites open in a new window?

  • Testing your functionality to make sure nothing is broken or not working as it should

  • Integrating Google Analytics if you’d like to keep track of your statistics

  • Making sure that all your images optimised for the web and load quickly

  • Registering your website with the search engines if you require this service 


  • Signed and dated Project Proposal

  • 50% deposit before work commences

  • Once we receive your deposit we’ll send an invite to our Private Slack Channel:

    • Please read why we use Slack for all client communication > What is Slack?

  • Upload all content to be included in your website (text/copy, images, graphics, logo, etc.) to Shared Dropbox Folder / Shared Google Docs

  • Pass along your domain name login details / or add us as an Admin on your domain account.

  • Send us 3 - 5 images, designs or website examples that you love/inspire you and explain why.

  • Invite us as a Contributor to your Squarespace Account

    • We never login to your personal SS Account. We manage & design your site within our own account.

    • Send invite to:  reneemudd@gmail.com

    • Permissions:  check all (except Billing)

  • IMAGES: We’ll need lots of clear, crisp, high-resolution images to use across your site. If you don’t have good quality images, it might be worth hiring a professional photographer to create custom content. Alternatively, we can help source stock images for you. Ideally, using a few of your own photos would add a more personal feel to your website.  

  • COPY MATTERS: Why? Because Google crawls the words on your site, not the images. Because the right message can lead, inspire, and form a deep connection very quickly. Because too much of the wrong copy can confuse people. If you want your site to truly perform, then we recommend investing in a professional copywriter. We can put you in touch with one, let us know.

  • BRANDING: Your brand represents all the experiences, impressions, and knowledge a person has about your product, service, or organization. Your logo is a graphic or typographic mark that identifies your organization. If you don’t have a high quality JPG or PNG logo, required to start, we can connect you with a graphic designer if you don’t have your branding established.

➤ Post Launch Support

After the launch of your website we offer several Website Maintenance Plans to suit your every need. Choose the plan that best suites your needs. There are no contracts to sign and you can change plans or discontinue at any time. We track the time spent updating and maintaining your website down to the minute.