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It used to take months to build a new website. But now with our innovative 1 Day™ Website, the Bizzy Bizzy team can create an awesome WordPress website for you in just one day! You’ll work with a creative director, graphic designer, web developer and writer devoted completely to your project. We collaborate with you to get over 40 hours of work completed in one day using our proprietary Bizzy Work™ process. Avoid dozens of annoying back-and-forth emails and weeks going by with no progress. Get the same high quality marketing website completed in a fraction of the time. It never felt so good to check something off your list.

your amazing new website,
 built in just five days

You're starting a new business and you need a website. Maybe you've tried to hire someone or maybe you've even tried your hand at building your own website. Turn's out, it's not quite so easy, especially when you're building your business at the same time. 

We take a typically overwhelming and exasperating process and make it painless and enjoyable for you. 

Our team has spent years building Squarespace websites, so we understand the amount of preparation, organization, and choices that need to be made.  

We streamlined our process and take care of the heavy lifting for you, prompting our clients to provide information where needed and working collaboratively to execute a product you can be proud of and even manage yourself.


How It WOrks

You'll begin by filling out a discovery survey to help guide your thoughts and our design process. 

  1. You'll be given a custom-made copy worksheet so you can begin planning how to tell your story.

  2. You'll be provided photo guidelines so we can help you develop a plan for your images.

  3. You'll be able to pre-schedule each of our meetings for the week so you always know when you'll be connecting with us. 

The Process


You grab a coffee, we grab a coffee and we hop on a video call to discuss your discovery survey and make a plan for your new website.


We get to work designing your website. We'll check in with updates and questions at the end of the day.


While we continue to build your site, you'll be working on editing or creating copy, getting photos ready and finalizing your design.


In the morning, we'll hop on the call and show you your website. You'll have a few hours to look it over and send back edits. 


We'll discuss final edits, then launch your restaurant's new website. We'll also train your team so you can use it with ease.


Are you Ready?

Our 1-Week Websites are not for everyone. is perfect for people who want to upgrade their business's online presence in just five days
There are a few things you'll need to do and have to be ready for this great adventure....

  • Do you have existing photography or a plan for photos?

  • Do you have an existing logo or branding?

  • Do you have all your website copy written?

  • Most importantly: how do you feel about making decisions? 

    If you answered no to any of these, don't worry. It's not over!
    You just might need a custom site design process that gives you the benefit of a little more time.
    Reach out to us, we'd love to help!

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